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The Cape Ann Radio Association sponsors a one day study course called Tech-In-A-Day.  When you enroll in this class, you will earn your FCC Technician Class Amateur Radio License in one day!  Classes are held twice a year.  If you would like more information, go to our Tech-In-A-Day page.

Thinking about upgrading your license?

OK, now that you have your Technician License, maybe it’s time to upgrade.  CAARA runs code classes, too. As soon as the next class is scheduled we will announce it here. Please check back for details, or send email to:

Meanwhile, for those who wish to practice their FCC License exams please go to

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VE Exams

Amateur Radio exams are held on the second Sunday of each month beginning at 10:00am at the CAARA building.  Anyone considering a new license or an upgrade is welcome to test with us.  If you will be taking a test, please bring 2 forms of ID and $15.00 for the testing fee.  Although you may contact the head of our VE Team to reserve a spot, no pre- registration is necessary, and walk-ins are always welcome.

Email our VE team contact, , if you have any questions about monthly testing or would like to reserve a spot ahead of time.  View directions and a map to our clubhouse.

If you are interested, CAARA can help you with your study materials. Get the Ham Radio License Manual with CD (Arrl Ham Radio License Manual) from CAARA’s online bookstore here.

Anyone who is unlicensed and takes an exam with CAARA and passes will receive a 50% discount off their first years Regular Dues if they decide to become a CAARA member.  Instead of paying the Regular Dues of $40.00, they would only have to pay $20.00.

Sunday Morning VE Exam Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, exam dates are the second Sunday of the month.  All start times are 10:00am. The next VE Exam will be held at the CAARA facility on Sunday, March 10, 2019 at 10am.